Private Doctor for Patients with Unexplained Symptoms

Do you have unexplained symptoms?  

Chronic pain, tired all the time?

Do you suffer from unexplained dizziness, flushing, sweating, shortness of breath, tingling sensations, problems sleeping?

If so, you may have struggled to get a diagnosis and effective treatment, and may benefit from an Adaptive Approach to your problems. 


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The Adaptive Approach

Many patients with chronic symptoms can struggle for years, or even decades, without an effective diagnosis.

The standard medical approach to problem solving is designed to deal with well understood illnesses such as a heart attack or diabetes, and modern medicine is very good at managing such problems.

These standard medical models rely on authoritative expertise to diagnose and treat what the adaptive model calls technical problems.

This technical approach to problem solving can be far less effective for patients with complex, subtle, multi-system symptoms. These are called adaptive problems.

Patients may receive various labels for this. For example, Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS), or Persistent Physical Symptoms (PPS).  One of the key signs that you are dealing with an adaptive problem is that you have tried to solve it multiple times with a technical approach and those have failed to solve the problem.

In my practice, I apply the adaptive model of problem solving to help diagnosis and treatment of complex unexplained symptoms.

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